This is a collection online resources and information on the Joint Astronomy Programme of the Indian Institute of Science. JAP is a post MSc, PhD programme, jointly run in collaboration with Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Raman Research Institute, and Indian Space Research Organization. On this page you will find links to the various sections that are relevant to students who wish to apply to this programme; and also for existing students and course instructors. For omissions and corrections kindly send a mail to me.
If you are interested in applying to JAP the eligibility criteria and the structure of the program can be found here. For a brief history of the programme take a look at the JAP history page. Those who are interested to see what material is covered in the graduate school should scroll down to Resources for JAP teachers where you can find links to the syllabus.

Here are the links to syllabus for August-December semester, and for January-April semester. The information on JAP teaching can be found here.
The JAP Calendar has various dates for course completion, feedback forms submission. Please plan your teaching accordingly.